Goals without Plans are just wishes

I am so inspired from my experiences in the last week and am in awe at how incredibly fortunate I am to have found this much inspiration in my everyday life! There have been a series of events that have precipitated lately, but I’ll write this post about the one that modestly began to push a metaphorical door in my mind open.

It started a week ago, when I was casually chatting with a friend from class. I must first tell you about this guy for you to really see why he’s important to this story. The man is true fire. He is committed, focused, and he really isn’t kidding around when it comes to his dreams. So 8ish days ago, he kindly shared his goals with me. His goals, that encompassed absolutely everything he wanted to achieve in the long term, as well as the steps and the short term goals that paved the way forward, took me by surprise. Now, if you’re a planner or a similar personality type, this may not astonish you at all and you may be like, “ok could you get to the point already?”. Well I’m sharing this because I am the exact opposite of a planner, i.e. I see the world in big pictures and details are difficult for me. I work actively to eliminate this and turn it into strength by using a compelling list of tracking tools that have amplified my productivity tremendously. Nevertheless, deep down inside of me, I am a dreamer and if there’s anyone in the world that the quote, “a goal without a plan is just a wish” applies to, it’s me.

My friend followed his message about his goals with more words, words that spoke to his truth and resonated with mine. Before you read his message however, I would urge you to close your eyes for a minute, take a deep breath and open yourself up to whatever this may or may not do for you.


*Close eyes now and take a deep breath. Open your eyes whenever you’re ready.


I figure out what I need to do every day to bring me closer to my short term and long term goals.

I’m not playing with my future.

When I leave this Earth, I want to make sure I leave empty. I gave this life everything I got.”


Goosebumps anybody?

I don’t know about you but that put me in some serious thought and I felt an uncomfortable feeling in the very pit of my stomach. This feeling was not the one we’ve all gotten accustomed to while scrolling down our social media and seeing the glorified versions of people’s lives while they’re off traveling the Galapagos or dancing on the beach in Toronto,… while we sit at home and work on essays and projects, bury ourselves in music that takes us away, and look out the window longingly. THAT is a discomfort that can often come with a social media presence. THIS feeling however, was something that put me in the quiet place in my mind. I disappeared for the next few days while my brain reconfigured itself in the light of this new information. Something inside me clicked and I realized that it was actually possible to live my dream. As I think about it now, I acknowledge that what had always stopped me from planning, from really setting goals, from actually committing to myself, was my fear of failure. Fear… my longest lasting and gravest enemy of all time.

As I think about it now, a message written to me by a dear friend 2 years ago comes to mind. A message that went as follows:

“Sukriti, promise me that you will continue to remove your fear of failure and put yourself in increasingly challenging situations and grow regardless of the results.

Fail fast and fail often. Follow this doctrine from Silicon Valley, and you will achieve further in your potential because of your ability to pick yourself up more quickly and try again with a new and reinvigorated passion and intelligence for your objective”

I failed to live up to my promise at the time, maybe I just wasn’t ready for it; but last week I started to take incremental steps towards this promise…this promise that I make once again today, this time to myself rather than anyone else and I can feel it in my core… that this will be a changing point.

I’m excited to share with you the dream that is now in the process of transforming to a goal that is measurable and realistic in my life. If you’ve stuck through this story this far, I wonder if I’ve struck a chord, I wonder how you relate to my story and my relationship with fear, and I wonder what your own battles with this monster have been, and if like me, it has struck your aspirations in ways that have made you feel limited. Perhaps my friends and I were able to shine a little light today and perhaps, I could brighten it some more with my next post when I share the goals that have transpired in the last week.


Me trying to run away from my own dreams because of my fear is basically the same as my escape from all kinds of cameras and photographers. No jokes, this image is as imperfect as me.

Until next time, Adiós!




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